How To Clean Venetian Blinds

Caring For Your Blinds

Venetian blinds, both the wooden and the fauxwood types, can help to create a great ambience to a room - but they are also notorious for gathering dust and dirt.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds | Wooden Blinds

Being  a natural material, wood can warp if it gets wet, so it’s best to use a clean, dry and lint-free cloth to get rid of any dust. There are some purpose build tools for the job, but you can also recycle one of those old, mis-matched socks you may have left around; just wear it over your hand allowing you to envelope both sides of the slat.

A slightly damp cloth is a useful tool for removing any stains, but make sure it’s only in concentrated areas. As with water, some detergents may make the wood warp, so it’s best to avoid these. Finally, don't forget about the edges of each slat – you don’t want to get these areas wet either.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds | Fauxwood Blinds

Much of the same prinicples for cleaning wooden Venetian blinds apply to fauxwood blinds but of course as they’re made to withstand damp and steamy conditions in kitchens and bathrooms, then a little water on your cloth won’t do any harm.

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