Shaped Sun Blinds

Shaped Sun Blinds

Key Benefits of Shaped Sun Blinds:

Control Heat Gain and Glare

Our solar efficient fabric reflects up to 72% of the Suns’ heat to keep your conservatory cooler.

Machine Washable and a 5 year Warranty

The easy to clean fabric will maintain both the looks and performance of your shaped sun blinds for years to come.


Beautiful and Cost Effective

Simply Blinding makes it possible to create beautiful, effective solutions for less than the price of traditional blinds.

Shaped sun Blinds are the stylish and practical way to shade your conservatory

They are elegant, eye pleasing and natural complement to both traditional and modern tastes. They are an excellent alternative to fitted blinds for lanterns, roof lights and conservatory roofs. The sails are made from an advanced stretch fabric that creates a sail that is easy to install or remove and that can be cleaned in a domestic washing machine. Our unique self-tensioning edge increases the versatility of the sail by allowing the sail to adapt to fit the fixing positions, creating a taut, smooth surface every time.

Shaped sun Blinds have curved edges to tension the fabric and keep it smooth. These curves create a distinctive, sculptural aesthetic and help maintain an open aspect when significant shading is required. The sails can also be used to great effect when providing only partial coverage, in order to shade, for example, just the south facing aspect. Multiple overlapping sails generate combinations of direct and diffuse light and on sunny days this creates wonderful pools of light and shadow that move with the sun to create a very natural, outdoor feel.

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